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December 7th, 2011, 19:53
I got the latest Game Informer last night, and it has a long feature article on the new South Park game, along with a bunch of screen shots and an interview with Parker/Stone.

Even though they say they're using the DS3 engine, the graphics and the perspective have been done so that if you watch somebody playing the game, it looks like you're watching the TV show. I initially thought that the screenshots were from the TV show, until I read the captions and read the article, and realized they were screenshots.

It looks like combat is turn-based, and kinda based on old Final Fantasy (your guys on one side, enemies on another, and you go through selecting actions for each one, including special abilities and items). I'm hoping there's a bit more complexity than that, but that looks like the basic idea. They mentioned that there were summoning spells, which should open up a ton of possibilities (Mr. Hanky, Towlie, etc).

The screenshots showed your characters fighting groups like the Ginger kids and the Goth kids, armed with things like pots for helmets. Apparently the game starts out with the boys doing some LARP'ing like in the Lord of the Rings episode, which provides much of the early explanation/motivation for combat. But then I guess it goes way beyond that before too long as the "adventure" unfolds.

Color me intrigued. A lot will depend on what my game backlog looks like when this finally gets released.
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