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December 7th, 2011, 23:19
One idea that we plan to go forward with, even though its benefit is uncertain, is the ability to capture zombies and then take them to a ring and make them fight to the death.. for money. We had to put gambling in somewhere..
Or you could rip off Day of the Dead, you know. There, people in the military base capture zombies for the experiments of the resident scientist/doctor.

How could this be made meaningful in a game? Research for simple trinkets to use on zombies, maybe. For instance, maybe some kind of smoke bomb (and when I say bomb, I only mean a bottle or similar containers that would be easy enough to break or spread when thrown) made with simple household -and some rare- chemicals that might have various effects on or against zombies.

Temporarily repel zombies from the agent, or draw the zombies to the agent. Slow them down. Stupefy them. Blind them. Taint a someone with the agent so he becomes zombie bait where the zombies would or might ignore the others for a while, etc. Simple but effective things that one couldn't immediately know in a zombie apoc. without someone fiddling with it.

And zombie fights could work. The Walking Dead comic series had it at some point in a particular survivor community and it didn't feel out of place or retarded.
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