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December 8th, 2011, 03:58
Gaslamp has an update on their blog, discussing the success with the recent Humble Indie Bundle, that v1.07 and then v1.08 aren't far away - and the name of the expansion is Realm of the Diggle Gods:
So what else doth he have in store for you?
- 1.0.7: Now that the Humble Bundle is over, Krong is free from the chains of his period of exclusivity and is eager to spread the gospel of a new patch, with a female hero and mod support and all manner of good and crafty things besides.
But lo,
- 1.0.8: is just about done, and should be out either Thursday or Friday. So he shalt simply wait until then, and pass the savings on via Steam and Desura (and yea, to the Humble Bundle customers besides.) All praise to Krong, for he doth not force you to run the auto-updater more so than usual.
and yea:
- Linux Humble Bundle users: let it be known, Krong feels your pain from his throne covered in the flesh of the finest penguins. We hath addressed your issues, and lo, we hath rolled our fixes into Dredmor patch 1.0.8 for it is good patch, and it doth fix the random crashes and the general instability.
Last but not least, there is an expansion. It is spoken of in the words of the great prophecy, wherein dwarves with giant beards do toil over the finest of new levels and features. Soon! Soon a sign shall come to the Youtubes, in the form of a great Trailer, and the chosen of Krong shalt follow the hyperlink to the trailer wherein all his mysteries shalt be revealed, including a release date which is much, MUCH closer than you think.
And yea, the name of the expansion shalt be:
The Realm of the Diggle Gods.
That is all. As you were.
More information.
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