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December 8th, 2011, 11:51
Notes on Uptade 12 Patch 1 :


Fixed a bug that was causing stealthed monsters to be visible, but untargetable.
Weeelll … In my case, this works mostly - but yesterday I had an Ice Spider in Misery's Peak which I couldn't fight at all !

Usually, even if I can't target Ice Spiders, I can destroy them by hitting tht "u" key for both close-range and far-range weapons (two-handed sword and a bow in my case).

But yesterday I met an Ice Spider were nothing of both worked ! My problem was, that even although this Ice Spider attacked me, the hero I played did not do any combat animations ! I resolved this case by using a helmet that contains a spell called "Ray of Enfeeblement" according to a translation list I found; that destroyed the already weakened (armor of acid protection or how it is called) Ice Spider completely !

That list is here, by the way : http://forum.dnd-gate.de/index.php?topic=18473.0
You can see there how Spell names have been translated - just in case you want to chat with me.

Anyway, that bug is fixed - to the greatest part. With this particular exception.

By the way, I'm collecting even more "Festivult" coins, too !
Where is the dungeon with the highest number of chests ?
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