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December 9th, 2011, 00:01
Here's the explanation behind that particular question and answer.

Even though the game is advertising itself as having 40 destinies, really there are only 7 "base" destinies, with additional tiers on top of them (each with better bonuses than the one beneath it). These 7 destinies correspond to the 7 possible combinations of the 3 trees.

Might - 6 tiers
Finesse - 6 tiers
Sorcery - 6 tiers
Might/Finesse - 5 tiers
Might/Sorcery - 5 tiers
Finesse/Sorcery - 5 tiers
Might/Finesse/Sorcery - 6 tiers
(the 40th destiny is the one you start out with, something like Fateless One).

As you continue spending skill points as you level, you unlock additional tiers depending on how you've allocated those skill points.

The top tier of each of these 7 possible combinations grants a special power or ability. For example, the highest pure-Might destiny grants you a "second chance" ability that kicks in when you reach 0 health, allowing you to fight on at quarter health but with increased strength (or something like that).

In this case, the Universalist is the top-tier Jack-of-all-Trades destiny, and its' special ability is that when you have it equipped as your destiny, you gain weapon mastery in all 9 weapon types in the game. Normally you would need to spend skill points in specific weapon skills to get this mastery, so it's a pretty big bonus (but probably necessary, because spreading your points out among all 3 trees means that you probably don't have the uber powers of a specialist).
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