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December 9th, 2011, 04:58
Jo will probably be best to ask for Monk advice; I've not managed to find a build I liked. I did end up burning to +5 Lesser Hearts to bring Rachail to pure Fighter after all. At about 9-10 I lose interest. I know Halfling I took the Dragonmarks, and had considerable healing ability. I healed a few groups using just those, actually. Surprised a few people. Also was funny when they ran out and the Cleric we didn't have started getting cursed at.

Of course, taking the marks means sacrifice elsewhere; you burn 3 feats to get Heal, and considerable ap to get more uses. Fighter is a better class for taking Dragonmarks; no other class can fit the feats, or at least all of them.

Ijii the FvS is almost 6, but I have to hold off until my bro's Pally and Ranger catch up. Which means I won't be running anything low level for awhile. Pump is shelved until they fix the stupid pet going inactive bug.

Blame Corwin, since he ran to 2 before any of us even TRed. I also blame Peter, because he's the group scapegoat in the rare case that it isn't his fault.

You'll have lag, Corwin, but it's only Korthos so we should be fine. We'll just park you at the entrance and complete, and you can come along as you can and get the chests afterwards.
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