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December 9th, 2011, 05:00
I have no problems with weight and encumbrance. Do I find this fun? Yes. It's great. If you like micromanaging, and strategy. I do, so I don't find it a problem in Skyrim, but I will admit that it certainly feels out of place.

Skyrim is a game that bends over backward to keep things simple, so things like managing your inventory, and making the right decisions on what to carry and who to sell it to feel like they don't belong. Right now it feels like Skyrim is straddling the line between a traditional CRPG, and an action RPG. Bethesda really needs to decide for the future what they want The Elder Scrolls to be. If they want a simple game, that anyone can pick up and enjoy, without micromanging, maybe they should scrap looting bodies and just drop the gold on the ground. Maybe it's time to put the shopkeeper outside of their shops. Maybe the series needs invincible companions that never permanently die unless it's scripted like the other RPGs have. If the goal is simplicity, make it universal.

If they want the franchise to be a more traditional CRPG where you worry about things like weight and encumbrance, then they need to scale back the streamlining, and bring back some of the scrapped options, giving the player more control over their experience, and yes, more micromanging. Some RPG players do like those sort of things. Yes there are people who miss the spell maker. There are people who miss the whetstones, and maintaining equipment. Heck, I even liked Daggerfall's banking system, and letter of credits since gold was too heavy, but I understand why the scrapped it. Of course there also things like Food and Water requirements, or time limits on quests, that old players may really like, but I don't care for, but the point is there are some players liked these elements.

I realize making an RPG is no easy task, and making one accessible to everyone is even harder. Despite some grousing, I really liked Skyrim. But I do feel that right now it's in two worlds, and Bethesda just needs to commit to a single direction.
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