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December 9th, 2011, 11:11
I just picked up Dark Souls for xbox360. As someone with a pretty sweet PC with 500 series geforce I really didn't like seeing all the framerate issues! I blame the LOD optimisation more than the aging hardware, but ageing hardware it is. Its still plenty playable, but in boss battles where death means starting the level again and losing all your souls and the boss smashes down a wall of physics blocks slowing u town to 15fps…. Well, its a worry, is what!

It would make a great PC game. You can pretty much be sure there's some deals going on and money changing hands for the exclusivity.

How hard is it?! Well, its really not THAT hard. I'm not very far yet, but most deaths come from traps and ambush kinda situations. Its pretty exciting and has a permadeath kinda urgency.

Also, that article just confirms my current belief that Eurogamer is an overrated site. Maybe its just their english articles, i dunno.

Skyrim is a great game and if it just had coop play similar to Dead Island I'd be able to die happy. Yeah, the melee combat isn't great again, but the fireballs have ragdolls and the quality of the world is just amazing. Great dungeons compared to oblivion.

I think the skills in skyrim should have been seperated into 3 colours and you get 4 points a level. 2 in main, 1 to subs. Just so you can get more out of your playthrough. I hate the feeling of "wasting" a point when i really want it in a REAL skill like 1h or destruction. Give us some throw away points to waste on the useless stuff like 20% easier novice locks.

hehe there I go ranting again, and i just wanted to mention the poor framerate in DS.
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