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December 9th, 2011, 12:23
The only bugs that realy anoy me atm are the quest bugs.

I don't realy mind if ocasionaly there is a physics bug that makes me laugh hard on the engine, or the ocasional NPC that seems like a headless chicken trying to do something over and over. Breaks a little the immersion factor but not realy a big deal.

The problem is when its quest related. I'm a "completionist" and i'm starting to get realy mad when i'm trying to do a quest and NPC "x" just isn't there or if its there he doesnt have the right dialog.

Latest one was when i join the imperials and have to talk to the blacksmith and he is stuck with the dialog "blah blah blah the execution was due" and nothing happens.

(anyone knows of a console command to "reset" him anyways?
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