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December 9th, 2011, 11:55
Actually, they could easily balance no-limit by restricting vendor gold even more than they already did. Also, the limit - as is - is quite mild and certainly isn't what prevents people from breaking the economy.

Personally, I think no-limit can work in games that aren't trying to "simulate" a world with a certain measure of realism or immersion.

Considering the amount of stuff you can carry around in Skyrim, it's already incredibly unrealistic - so I don't think a no-limit feature would ruin anything.

But, ultimately, it's not something that bothers me either way - as long as it doesn't break the flow of the game too much. A very restrictive and realistic limit in Skyrim would conflict heavily with the way they've handled loot overall. So it would need a more profound design change to work.




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