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December 9th, 2011, 12:27
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
For example: Say there is a piece of "Banded Iron Armor" laying on the ground with a max value of 90 gold, and it weighs 27 pounds. Without calculating a specific number, I can immediately tell that the item is not essential to take with me to sell; I can take it if I have room, but it's clearly not valuable enough to make it a priority. Now let's say I find a piece of "Ebony Armor" that has a max value of 450 gold and also weighs 27 pounds. This is an item - again, without doing any crazy "pound-for-gold" calculation - that is clearly a priority for selling purposes if I have no personal need to wear it.

This works for just about every item in the game - petty soul gems can clutter an inventory and aren't worth very much, while grand soul gems are of a high enough value to be worth taking (this is displayed on the screen before you even pick an item up). How is this such a headache to figure out? I think anyone who wants a "price-per-weight" ratio or any other very specific value calculation is vastly over-thinking a pretty simple game mechanic, in my opinion.
And this is why I calculate!

Petty Soul Gem:
Weight: 0,1
Value: 10
Ratio: 1:100

Ebony Armor:
Weight: 27
Value: 450
Ratio: 16,67

Petty Soul Gems are worth roughly 6 times more than the armor in your example, which means you'd make six times more money by hoarding Petty Soul Gems than armors.

I generally don't pick up anything below 1:10 in ratio, so the armor in the example is still good enough to be sold. All types of gems are extremely valuable though, with ratios like 100-500, which is pretty crazy compared to armor and weapons. Armor generally has better ratio than weapons, unless the weapon is enchanted, so I stay away from most weapons unless they are of very high quality.
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