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December 10th, 2011, 00:16
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
I bought the Whiterun house around level 10 and have used that house as my "base" ever since. Why? Well, I guess I got attached to Whiterun, similar to how I became attached to Balmora in Morrowind, largely because that's kind of the "starting area" - or at least, the first major town that you typically travel to - of the adventure. After coming back so many times throughout the course of the game, it just didn't feel right to move anywhere else; I simply became really comfortable with the town layout, I knew where everything was, and it was really convenient to have a blacksmith right next door for selling and upgrading items. I'll have to select a different city on a second playthrough just to mix things up
You sound almost exactly like me. I spent most of my game time in Whiterun for the same reasons. It feels like "home". What amazed me was how much content I found there. I was finding new quests even 50 hours into the game there, just by exploring and talking to people I hadn't talked to yet. It was great.
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