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December 10th, 2011, 00:28
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You sound almost exactly like me. I spent most of my game time in Whiterun for the same reasons. It feels like "home". What amazed me was how much content I found there. I was finding new quests even 50 hours into the game there, just by exploring and talking to people I hadn't talked to yet. It was great.
It's strange how the "home" feeling creeps in when you keep coming back to a particular place in an Elder Scrolls game, isn't it? I think being a member of the Companions really accentuates the feeling that Whiterun is home; it feels like there's a purpose to staying there beyond just sleeping and storing/selling gear. I've been impressed by the quality of the quests that you can pick up in towns as well - although I kind of wish I hadn't done so many of the quests from other towns and saved them for another playthrough.

I thought about using Winterhold as my home because I love the snowy, mountainous region that it is located in, but the town outside the college is just so tiny and only has one mediocre shop, so I stopped going there after completing the College Questline. That's really the only town I've been disappointed with; I know that it was basically destroyed before the game's time period, but still, I was expecting more from a town that was once the capitol of Skyrim. Fortunately all the other towns are great.
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