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December 9th, 2011, 23:31
I do like the Markarth house. I bought it and snooped around and reloaded until I could decide for sure. Of course, I don't have enough to furnish it butů

I'm the same as the others. Whiterun is like home and the blacksmith doesn't seem to mind my clutter of dragon bones, scales, ingots and who knows what else I've tossed in the corner All of the people are nice (well, except for that one snooty guy asking if you've been to the Cloud District *snort*) and it's just a nice place.

The house in Riften is on the water but since it's the home base of the Thieves guild and the canals are all stagnate….meh, it's not quite me.

I don't know if I could pay the 12k or 25k for the other two houses. Geez, I'd have a pile as high as the blacksmith's building if I waited until I had enough money.

I keep hoping for a mod for one in Riverwood. A house there would be outstanding!
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