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December 9th, 2011, 23:39
Originally Posted by CelesteGB View Post

I'm the same as the others. Whiterun is like home and the blacksmith doesn't seem to mind my clutter of dragon bones, scales, ingots and who knows what else I've tossed in the corner
Heh, I dumped a lot of stuff there too if I didn't feel like taking things back to my house. The lady blacksmith did get a bit upset with me when I'd take my armor off to compare it with something else, give it to a companion, or sell it and then forget to put new clothes on ("Put some clothes on you damn fool!"), but other than that we got along great, clutter and all!

Originally Posted by CelesteGB View Post
I keep hoping for a mod for one in Riverwood. A house there would be outstanding!
Ah, that was my first choice until I found out that you can't buy a house there. I like the location and look of the town, and I love the river and mountains that surround it. Can't wait for the damn Creation Kit to get released!
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