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December 10th, 2011, 00:12
The pre-built builds suck no matter the class though.

There seems to be two schools of Monks; Min-maxed ones focusing on STR/CON or WIS/CON, or 'balanced' ones like Rachail's old build, my old Halfling Monk, and presumably Mariannelle and Kerriatao's builds.

I can't say which is more effective.

My first Monk, Wind Stance was king. Then Ki regen was weakened, making Sun equal. Now all 4 are equal pretty much, with Earth being strong for tanking, Sun or Wind for DPS, and Water for AC/DC's on Stunning Fist.

AP's are extremely tight for Monks, and the requirements for the best of the stances are high; you won't be getting too many. It's also a clicky-based class, moreso than even Paladins. You have to constantly stream ki strikes, in combos to open up finishers.

I'd go Light since you have no gear for a Monk, and those have better self healing and more utility. Dark Monks are better for DPS, with 2d6 SA damage and Touch of Death (500 neg energy damage, 250 on save).
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