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December 10th, 2011, 01:32
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
And this is why I calculate!

Petty Soul Gem:
Weight: 0,1
Value: 10
Ratio: 1:100

Ebony Armor:
Weight: 27
Value: 450
Ratio: 16,67

Petty Soul Gems are worth roughly 6 times more than the armor in your example, which means you'd make six times more money by hoarding Petty Soul Gems than armors.

I generally don't pick up anything below 1:10 in ratio, so the armor in the example is still good enough to be sold. All types of gems are extremely valuable though, with ratios like 100-500, which is pretty crazy compared to armor and weapons. Armor generally has better ratio than weapons, unless the weapon is enchanted, so I stay away from most weapons unless they are of very high quality.
Yes, I'm aware of the math, and that works out in favor of my argument. My point is that regardless of weight-gold ratio equations, it takes a lot of hoarding to make gathering petty soul gems (or any low value item, regardless of how little they weigh and pound for gold value) worth the hassle when compared with taking only higher value items, and in my opinion, it's over-thinking the mechanic to come to the realization that petty soul gems are "worth more" than a suit of ebony armor just because of a weight-gold ratio (If anything, a "time and effort" section needs to be added to the weight-gold equation - then the fast and easy process of picking up a single piece of ebony armor would clearly be a higher priority than the long process of gathering many petty soul gems ). Using my "quick-look" method, I probably make more money overall and faster than a "weight-gold ratio" hoarder, assuming that console cheats to extend the carry limit are not involved.
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