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December 10th, 2011, 08:37
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
Yes, I know you can use potions and enchanting to recover some lost spell effects - but that forces you to spent effort/perks on enchanting and/or alchemy, a choice which was not forced on your before. .
You can enchant it with base skill. If you didn't want to use any other enchanting, you could keep one ring, amulet, and pair of boots of brawn and just throw them on only when needed. You do not need to invest anything into this at all in lieu of someplace else you would have preferred. The feather spell as always one of those spells I only ever learned so I place it on something as an enchantment anyways. I don't think they plan to add it back in.

Based on the spell effects present in the complete list (including NPC only spells and shouts) and the way the game actually distinguishes between sources of magical effects (power, shout, spell, enchantment, blessing, birth stone, alchemy) it will be trivial to mod new spells into the game that use any of those spell effects. IT looks like shape-changing and polymorphing type spells will also actually be fairly easy to do, in addition to creating spells with any effect currently exclusive to other sources.
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