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December 10th, 2011, 18:17
I finished Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and I was a little disappointed by it. I found the story not so interesting and it didn't present any real mystery or at least any actually unpredictable event. More importantly, there really wasn't much investigating and deducing to be done (by me at least), since the majority of the gameplay was of the standard adventure game 'use-item-on-item' kind. I really wish they would have taken advantage of the Sherlock Holmes name to produce a more 'specialized' game where I would be the one get to investigate crime scenes, question people, make deductions and devise plans to trap the adversaries instead of just using items on other items while watching the great detective do all the above for himself.

Nevertheless I found that if I ignored the fact that this was not the Sherlock Holmes/Lovecraft experience I wished for, it was still a decent enough adventure game with a mostly good quality, quantity and variety of puzzles. So I decided to finally give Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis another chance.

I remembered straight away why I gave up on it so quickly the first time, its very first few steps are a little frustrating as I was given a (relatively) lengthy text to read straight away before I even got to look around and then I was sent to a little fetch errand without directions only to be given a test to see if I was paying attention so far… this game seems to be in a hurry to start.

Now, however, I just finished touring the National Gallery of London which was surprisingly detailed, with many paintings to see (and in decent resolution) with Holmes giving a little information about each one of them! That was one of my favorite gaming moments. It's only unfortunate that my favorite era of painting starts around or after the time the game takes place… if Lupin was to burglarize Tate Modern instead I would have been a very happy gamer!
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