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December 11th, 2011, 01:05
Originally Posted by Michael Dean View Post
I suppose the author knows nothing about the original King's Bounty by New World Computing, which certainly inspired the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise. Not the other way around, as he proposes.
The newer King's Bounty games are certainly evolved from the 1990 original.
But did you know that 1C purchased the rights to Kings' Bounty and attached it to a game they had already been developing called "Battle Lord"? I'm not saying that what was eventually released wasn't heavily indebted to the original for some of the concepts and inspiration, but its lineage is not entirely so pure as to call it the evolved descendent of the 1990 title.

The degree to which it owes inspiration to the Kings Bounty game (which NWC cited as the inspiration for their Heroes series - they even included a copy of it in one of the Heroes releases), the Heroes series, and other similar titles is probably a complex and incestuous web which includes much of the history of games of this style in general. This is even more so the case if you consider possible inspiration newer heroes games have drawn from the 1c interpretation of Kings Bounty. That it (new Kings Bounty) is one of the best examples of this sort of game and does many things which its predecessors and some new games failed to do is not diminished by that though.
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