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December 11th, 2011, 06:18
Disciples III

I'm having fun with it, obviously having a better time than all the bad reviews. That said, I did kinda pre-emptively take care of the crit-massacre that most people complained about by pumping agility/dex as much as possible. Also, one of the complaints Ive seen was that there was no use in making multiple squads. I disagree - I always have another squad cruising around the map hitting the respawning dungeons, and going back to the capitol to make runes and stuff. It's good to be training some auxillary units for when your main hero's leadership goes up, or you lose a party member due to story events. I'm kinda torn on the ranked system of battle vs the hex grid style, I like them both and kinda wish they'd stayed w/ the ranked because that was uniquely Disciples and enjoyed that about the original. Hex does allow for some more tactics tho. That said, the enemy AI is pretty stupid at times, thankfully they do seem to go for the unique battle-bonus spots on the grid. They do have a weakness when it comes to summons tho, cranking out a golem can really wreck the enemy's plans.

The game is gorgeous, and retains that intricate and dark appeal of Disciples II. Every unit looks sensational, but some of the spell effects can be a bit meh. The sound is awful, there's just no two ways about it. The unit sounds are passable, but the narraration is horrible and there seems to be only like 3 short musical pieces that loop over and over and over again, to the point that I had to turn off all music. Was giving me a migraine!
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