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December 10th, 2011, 21:08
Hm, your questions … let me see. Morrowind explained a bit about 1). Seems as if the Dwemer

My personal theory still is that they fell through the holes in the floor of Daggerfall and didn't know about Alt+F11.

As for Daedra, they are a) of another plane of existence while the Aedra -'gods' - were partially responsible in the creation of Nirn, the ES planet. Daedra are immortal, Aedra eren't. Both are revered and/or feared by the inhabitants of Nirn, and while the Daedra often fill the 'demon' role, they are not always and not exclusively evil.

You might want to read the articles about Daedra over at UESP or the ES wiki if you need more details .
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