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December 11th, 2011, 10:04
Regarding Dwemer, there´s a book in Skyrim which addresses their disappearance quite sufficiently - Battle of Red Mountain, though not entirely in straight fashion (one of great aspects of Elder Scrolls lore - a lot of it is up to interpretation).

Morrowind´s quest which touches upon this subject (Mystery of the Dwarves) was great. Player was given it as a pretty much impossible task which at first seemed as it´s supposed to rest unfinished in the journal forever, but it was actually possible to finish it via doing quite a few other quests throughout the game.

Regarding Daedra, besides the in-game(s) books, there´s also a superb mod for Oblivion which goes in great depth on this, Integration - The Stranded Light. Really good quest design, lots of lore delving and about 100 hours of content which is vastly superior to anything vanilla Oblivion offers quest-wise.
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