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December 12th, 2011, 03:25
Originally Posted by Warmskin View Post
My problem now is why is it when I 'sneak', the whole screen shakes? Never did that before.
That's odd. Does it do that everywhere or just in certain places? If it is only in certain places then it could be an issue of clipping where your character model collides with the ground textures due to buggy behavior of the engine.
The game originally had massive clipping issues where enemies would attack you from underground or suddenly rise in front of you out of the ground or sometimes NPCs would fall through the floor to the bottom of the world mesh and all sorts of crazy bugs like that.

I wonder why it is I can just walk up to someone's chest, (no sneaking) open it up, take everything out and not get in trouble for it. Maybe sometimes they get uptight, but not often.
Yes, this features has unfortunately been dumbed down quite a bit from previous PB games. In Gothic 1 +2 (+NotR) you would consistently get in trouble for touching anyone else's property. In Gothic 3 it's a lot more inconsistent and in Risen it's outright silly at times where you can steal as much as you want from the palace of the town's law & order commander but you get in trouble when stealing an apple from a house in the harbor slums.

Personally, I find it unfortunate that PB does not recognize that this is one of the defining features of their games for many people. This is one of the features that the PB of today only considers as "nice to have" and that they might implement properly if there is enough time. I wish they would realize their own unique selling points like the "property awareness" of NPCs and build upon their strengths instead of following the trend to more generic, interchangeable RPGs. Oh well… /rant over and out
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