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December 13th, 2011, 06:38
Comparisons will inevitably get made between big genre games coming out in the same year. It's fun to compare what our favorite bits are of different games, but in the end there's no real need to get upset or go all tribal, because we can always play both. They are not really competing with each other. Any real genre fan should definitely play both, becasue they're both really good.

I love Skyrim as a sandbox game for making up my own story about my character. There is no end of stuff to do and a lot of room still to use your imagination, thinking about your characters motivations, what he wants to do next, whatever. I agree that the sheer volume of information is a bit overwhelming and I end up not caring so much about the story they are trying to tell, but I don't enjoy the story I'm telling myself any less for that when I'm playing it.

Dark Souls, though, I really do care about the story, and the less-is-more approach leaves me always curious and interested in whatever snippets of lore I can learn from the sparse dialogue, item lore, or even the architecture. Also, really love the precision of the gameplay and just the general mood. DS is my personal game of the year.

But, played both a ton, loved both, and can't/wouldn't knock Skyrim, also a lot of fun.
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