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December 13th, 2011, 20:44
Because time is limited, there haven't been any recent updates. However, I wouldn't trade anything for the time i've been able to have with my Fiancee, daughters, and 3rd daughter on the way. Especially since it's Christmas time.

Instead of the tedious process of trying to finish the game, i've instead put my focus on the campaign editor. This provides a number of advantages. Having a creation tool like this will not only streamline the process of getting game content completed on my end, but will also allow others to join in to further speed up the process. Since everything is almost completely menu driven, it should be fairly intuitive for the novice. However, you'll probably need your handy graph paper for the map editor.

When it's ready for a download release, only the Spell Editor will be disabled for now, as the spell system is still under works, and there are many custom spells that are built straight in to the executable, and not part of the data save. So far, the options available will be as follows:

- View existing room settings and descriptions
- Edit existing or create new rooms and descriptions

- List existing monsters/NPCs and view their individual stats
- Edit existing or create new monsters/NPCs

- List existing items and view their individual stats
- Edit existing or create new items
- Items included are Weapons, Armor/Shields, Loot and Treasure
- Permanent items will have limited access (such as potions, chests) allowing you to change stats like price and other elements

- Edit game starting options such as the game introduction, what the hero starts with in regards to equipment, inventory, and what room
- Specify what rooms are listed as shops or trainers
- Specify what items or monsters/NPCs are in certain rooms

At this point, this should provide all the necessary parts in creating your own world that others can explore and find treasure and adventure. I would love to see what other could create from this. Although I would love to add a quest system/editor, because of the time and man power required (both of which I really don't have), this will be something that I think will be released in a future build.

For now i'm hoping to see a working campaign editor for everyone to use before the end of the year.

The RPGWatch community is full of great people that always seem to have excellent input. I always welcome ideas for improvements or new features. Happy Holidays!

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