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December 14th, 2011, 22:11
I think it's somewhat weak to hold back Skyrim so far back on the basis of bugs. And what's with the comparison to Dark Souls' combat? The game should be compared on its own merits - Oblivion's combat wasn't as good as Twilight Princess's and Morrowind's wasn't as good as Jedi Knight II's! Arbitrary comparison if you ask me. All of these games have been buggy upon release. I haven't really played all of them enough to make a judgment, but I could see it ending up as

1. Skyrim (Morrowind possibly)
2. Morrowind (Skyrim possibly)
3. Daggerfall
4. Oblivion (possibly Arena)
5. Arena (possibly Oblivion)

Daggerfall and Arena are kind of difficult to play by today's standards. Heck, I thought Daggerfall was kind of difficult to play by the standards of when it was released, but I think it's pretty certain that it will fall at #3 in my books. As critical as I am about Oblivion, it had a huge amount of pretty good quests and despite the leveling issues, it wasn't nearly as random as Arena. Morrowind made the biggest step to modernizing the series, but Oblivion helped a bit in that regard too (also took it from hardcore rpg to mainstream - which is both good and bad).
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