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December 15th, 2011, 11:44
As someone who played Dark Souls immediately before Skyrim, I found that I couldn't help but compare them. Dark Souls' combat is amazing, and it really highlights how bad Skyrim's is.

As for Dark Souls' save system - it saves constantly. If you quit and then reload, you'll be exactly where you were, in exactly the same situation. It's a very modern save-system. I think what you and some others are objecting to, is actually the death-system, i.e. that there is actually a death penalty. It means that you actually have to learn how to do each section, rather than just stumble through with quick-save spam.

It's not for everyone, that is for sure. However, the point is that its combat is sublime, absolutely superlative. Of course, that means that any game with similar combat will suffer by comparison, but Skyrim suffers a lot.
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