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December 15th, 2011, 12:13
Ok.. I've played a bit of Arena now (filling in time between Skyrim patches.. a fact that doesn't help it in my own personal rankings lol..), and I have to say, it's quite average..

I am no graphics hussy, nor am I oblivious to quality art direction (Oblivion reference intentional), but I think I had to play Arena in it's prime to appreciate it.. it's just to clunk for me to like/love (and I wanted to, for sure). I have only just gotten out of the first dungeon and shiver me timbers, I feel like i've been gnawing at my own arm to get away it's been that frustrating. I do however, really rate Daggerfall - I think a 2012 version of Daggerfall (with the scope/slightly more mature vibe/originality) would be KILLER. As it stands, the original vanilla is still playable and incredibly fun, and I can appreciate it's qualities - definately a massive step up from Arena.

Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls, and, at the time, I loved it.. but I fear it was a case of 'the virgin falling in love with his first lay' haha.. no base of comparison does wonders for a game like Oblivion - so i'll let it rest knowing I loved it when I played it. Saying that, after playing Morrowind (my 2nd TES game) and Skyrim most recently (159 hours in, hardly touched the main quest, not sure what i've been doing to be honest, but i've been loving it) - and when comparing Oblivion with the two big boys (what I call them), there really is no comparison.

I rate Skyrim #1 thanks to the sheer fun playing on Master as a Battlemage.. and the story is good, (as good as massive open world games get without a controlled narrative) and there quests/artifacts/lore around the land are as good as it gets in a sandbox RPG. Morrowind nearly edged it out (played MW/BM/TR last year on PC with only minimal mods to keep it original as possible - except for better bodies, mandatory..). It does get a bit dull at times, and I fear it's the popamole in me hating on the downtime (being so used to the Mass Effects / Dragon Ages / Witchers etc), but regardless it's a great game - albeit a bit broken (after 9 years you think all the bugs would be worked out..haha).

So, little rant over - my ratings : Skyrim / Morrowind / Daggerfall / Oblivion / Arena -
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