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December 15th, 2011, 12:29
Originally Posted by Badesumofu View Post
As someone who played Dark Souls immediately before Skyrim, I found that I couldn't help but compare them. Dark Souls' combat is amazing, and it really highlights how bad Skyrim's is.

As for Dark Souls' save system - it saves constantly. If you quit and then reload, you'll be exactly where you were, in exactly the same situation. It's a very modern save-system. I think what you and some others are objecting to, is actually the death-system, i.e. that there is actually a death penalty. It means that you actually have to learn how to do each section, rather than just stumble through with quick-save spam.

It's not for everyone, that is for sure. However, the point is that its combat is sublime, absolutely superlative. Of course, that means that any game with similar combat will suffer by comparison, but Skyrim suffers a lot.
Can't really compare Dark Souls and Skyrim… Dark Souls is a war of attrition, strategic hack-n-slash with a dash of fantasy horror to keep your story censors from going into a coma (this is not a negative, it just isn't a story/lore based game at all - it's about achieving and conquering then moving forward). A great game and very satisfying but a TOTALLY different style of game.

DS has much better visceral (I hate that word) combat, more responsive controls and better intensity in battles for sure - but I prefer Skyrim (only on Master though, it gives you a real challenge and you really fear some of the tougher foes). I prefer Skyrim despite it's shortcomings in those areas previously mentioned, because of the world/lore/stories/ambience/variety in characters and so on.. It's a world based game, and that's where its strengths lie - the combat is only 1 of about 40 things to focus on in Skyrim, it's just one cog in the epic journey, and I must say it is GREATLY improved over any previous Elder Scrolls game - being a Battlemage is truly fun now.. makes MW/Oblivion's fighting feel so bad now.. Morrowind not so much as Oblivion, as the dice rolls actually differentiate the system and make it slightly more like old school D20 vibes.. where as Oblivion's clunkfest was ok for me when I was playing it - saying that, it was my first Elder Scrolls game, and I don't think i'll be revisiting it again to be honest - Daggerfall is far better at being an Elder Scrolls game and it came out a decade before it.

Anyways - My main point is Dark Souls is a GREAT hack n slash adventure, with combat strategy/nerve/tactics being the focus on it's high intensity ride (I finished it a few days before Skyrim also, so I get what you mean re: the combat being excellent) : and Skyrim is a GREAT open-world adventure with improved combat (great by TES standards)/BRILLIANT sense of a real world with the deep lore and continuity within and leading to quests off the beaten path, and Story - by far the best Story (and by that I mean a culmination of MANY different significant stories and characters that meld to make a very grand, super empowering adventure)..

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