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December 16th, 2011, 13:33
I imported my copy from amazon.co.uk a few months ago. Not having played Skyrim I'd say ROT is easily the best RPG of 2011 for me. Before calling DTP a bad publisher consider this. I wanted to buy Skyrim fair and square, after "demoing" it a bit. Turns out, that Skyrim is still blocked in my region on Steam more than a month after release, probably because some douchebags snatched an exclusive deal for eastern european retail release from Bethesda. Now it gets really interesting however. Turns out, that these douchebags have massive delivery difficulties, at least in my country, and the only people, who have gotten Skyrim legally here are the ones that preordered. I can't import the game either, because i don't speak any other eastern european languages and i'm not sure weather an european release is blocked on Steam by these fuckheads or something. Yeah, nice job getting rid of these pesky Eastern European pirates, guys!
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