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December 16th, 2011, 15:09
Thanks for your advice. I think I'll put a few points into m "favoured enemy" feats anyway.

Originally Posted by azraelck View Post
with the perpetually bugged, annoying to flag for, and no one actually runs anyway Abbot raid.
They seem to have done a few things with update 12 Patch 2 :

Existing cookie jars should now contain the new cookies properly.
There are now recipes to turn in old Stormreaver and Black Abbot raid loot items to grant them the "upgradeable" effect, which will allow them to be upgraded with Seals from the Hard/Elite difficulty modes of those raids.
Three items from the Black Abbot raid (Breeze, Enduring Conviction, and Unwavering Ardency) were only appearing in upgradeable form on Normal difficulty. Now the upgradeable versions are available on Hard and Elite as well.
The Tinker's Finesse set bonus now correctly grants the wearer True Seeing.
By the way, days ago I found a "points card" in a Gamestop shop here … Personally, I found the price of 20 Euros for I think it was 1800 points a bit hefty - but what bugged me most was that there was none available for let's say 10 Euros or even less - I have seen points (or whatever) cards for other online games there for 10 and in a few rare cases even for 5 Euros, if I remember correctly ! (I'm sure for 10 Euros.) I wondered why Turbine doesn't do them for 10 Euros, or less, too ?

To Corwin and everyone else having trouble with jumping ( ) : THe arrival of the Festivult Jester is imho THE ideal occation to train jumping ! Take the location in House/Enclave Kundarak first, since this is imho the far easiest "training way", second House/Enclave Phiarlan (I always call it "Phiarlain"), this I think House/Enclave Deneith (I didn't manage to jump onto the first block), and the path in the Harbour is the masterpiece, imho !

Kundarak is ideal becaue you don't fall too deep. If you fall down in the Harbor, make sure to direct your fall into the water ! - This way you don't lose many health points or even nothing at all.
If necessary, use an item with "Feather Fall" bound to it. I think I have a pair of arm armor bracelets having it, if someone needs it.

And last : What's the use of those … books ? tomes ? you can get if you trade-in dragonshards ? I mean in the "crafting halls" at the two vendors.
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