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December 16th, 2011, 18:38
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
You always think in terms of raids…

Taking giants picks up trolls and ogres and you see those kinds of critters in every worthwhile quest pack from level 7 to level 14 (other than the desert). It's a bang-for-the-buck choice, much like undead.

The level 20 choice was a toss-up between constructs and aberrations, to me. There are a lot more constructs to kill, but there are more opportunities to get gear boosts against constructs (smiting, greater banes) and beholders really suuuuuck. Again, I went for most opponents (or, more accurately, will go for).

I seem to remember looking at my damage once and finding that "double favored" did not stack, but I don't remember what kind of critter I was fighting where that would have applied.
I think in terms of raids, because largely that is where the most difficult foes reside. Comparing Elite DQ to Necro III or IV regular quests, it's not contest which is more difficult… and which has greater rewards.

Beholders, at least in small numbers, are easy for a Ranger; Manyshot them down. Most other abberations are easy to bring down in melee. Constructs cannot be critted, which means every bit of damage helps. They're also common from 8 on up. Giant is a good one, since you fight Trolls all the way to Shavarath. I had forgotten that one. For that matter, looking at my build sheet, I took Giants as well, and not elementals! Not 100% certain any more.

Also, Banishers work against Beholders, as they are other-planar entities. There's a Greater Bane for everything up to and including Halflings, so you can get GAB as well.
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