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December 17th, 2011, 01:06
We were told we were getting a new race this year, but since we're just a couple of weeks from the end of the year, I doubt we will see one. Maybe U13 will bring one in February.

I have a hard time seeing Gnomes as being added; while a core 3.5e and Eberron race, they are not exciting at all, and I highly doubt that Turbine could sell Gnomes off on anyone. Shifters, maybe, Aasamir and Tieflings, definitely. Gnomes? No. I also highly doubt they'll add another F2P race either.

Especially Tieflings, since players are already well familiar with them from the Carnival, Chronoscope, Vale, and Shavarath.

Aasamir - Celestial Human Hybrids. +2 WIS, CHA, IIRC, though it's an LA1 race as well. Resistance 5 to Acid, Cold, and Electric damage.

Tiefling - Infernal Human Hybrids. +2 DEX, INT, -2 CHA. Resistance to Fire, Electric, and Cold 5. Also LA1 race.

Shifter - Were-human type race, core Eberron. Not SRD.
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