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December 18th, 2011, 03:07
Finished Nemesis. It was a very charming game which I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a bit of challenge but in a more relaxing environment than that of most games (well suited for some tourism in London too!). It was definitely one of the best adventure games I've played recently. I'm done with Sherlock Holmes - at least until 'The Testament' comes out, which I understand is pretty soon.

I'm moving to Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophesy) which I bought on an impulse from GOG when looking for something that will provide the opposite: more complicated story and less challenge.

My first thought was it seems it wasn't too long ago that when you started a new game you had to get used to a whole new control system… and Fahrenheits is a mess. I did get used to it but I do think it would be so much better if it just utilized the tried and true WASD+mouse controls… stupid console port I guess… It also annoys me that it's whole gameplay seems to consist exclusively of variations of quicktime events!
The dialog system, by the way, seems to be exactly what Alpha Protocol copied… I didn't like it much in AP and it bothers me here too, though for some reason it seems to make a bit more sense.

Nonetheless it's a very intriguing game. I love all the little details, like when taking a moment to throw a basketball around or having a cup of coffee makes the characters slightly calmer. I also understand there are some choices with significant consequences later on, and even at the beginning your behavior seems to make at least some difference.

A day or two later: God the story of this game turned really stupid really fast! I expected it because I've read some reviews but I couldn't believe that it would build up so brilliantly towards such an unsalvageable mess. It's one of those stories where the writers just seem to give up and throw everything into the pot - the kind of story when you sit there watching the parade of irrelevant ideas, thinking that the only thing missing is aliens… and then aliens appear!

It's good that it has gained enough momentum to keep me interested for a little more and that it's production values are otherwise excellent (best game soundtrack ever by the way) because between the worst story I've seen in a while and its atrocious gameplay, it starts to feel more like a parody of a game than something meant to be taken even a little seriously.
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