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December 20th, 2011, 22:56
Ooze bane isn't the same as everbright, nor is it identical to the named item, Muckbane. I haven't personally tested this to be sure, but I've reliably heard that "ooze bane" does not protect the weapon itself--all it does is increase the damage done like any other bane weapon. Thus, you'll kill them quicker, but eventually your weapon will still be destroyed.

Wood weapons are safe from rust monsters, but supposedly the only weapon group safe from oozes is glass. I don't know of any glass weapons in the game other than Muckbane and Muck's Doom. *checking* Well, according to the wiki there are a few more, but they're all high level.

All everbrights get a blinding flash spell clickie, 3 times per day.
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