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December 21st, 2011, 04:26
Have you run Delera yet? That can be solo'd and it's a very good pack to farm. The necropolis series is fun (well, IMO) but there are a few quests that simply cannot be run solo. Az really likes Vault of Night, but that's because there's a raid at the end, which does you no good. Sorrowdusk isn't the most enjoyable pack, but it's got decent XP and serves as a nice bridge for that level 7-9 range if you're wanting to solo.

Ultimately, you're fighting a losing battle. It's extremely tough to solo the quests as you get to the higher levels. It can still be done if you have a strong character build and you know the quest, but even then it's still pretty frustrating. Trust me, I was very stubborn about it. I was able to solo my ranger up to level 15 or so with only occasional help from the guild, but since then he's really had to party up. Same thing with my melee rogue. He's pretty much stuck at level 17 now.
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