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December 21st, 2011, 09:35
Originally Posted by Lurking Grue View Post
So, just because it doesn't work for you and/or you don't have the computer horsepower to run it properly, it's crap. Sheesh! Kinda harsh, don't you think?
It isn't about my computer , at the start of the installation it asked me if i have more than 2gb of ram , i clicked "yes" (i have 3gb) then proceed and suddenly i was asked if i have at least 4gb of ram , i clicked "no" and then a window opened and i had to set up everything by myself without any feedback. I had to check what i thought would have the least impact in performance and will not trigger a "do you have at least 8gb of ram" message . I know those guys are just moders but this is some very poor job , also the menus are freaking red and Pelagia looked washed out , if all this mod does is making the game look worst than original unless "you have at least 4gb of ram" then this isn't for me.

edit: Ah i also have picked the correct settings for my cpu/gpu at the start of the installation , so the program shouldn't have to ask me again and again about my machine.
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