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December 21st, 2011, 21:31
We do, but there's a couple complications to that. First, characters in a party need to be within 2 levels of each other or there are penalties imposed. For a while there, the "regulars" didn't have any toons in range with Alrik. For a period of time here, that issue won't be a problem. Which leads to the second complication. The game caps parties at 6 players (except for raids, but that's a different animal entirely) and we've got 6 "regulars". We can still party up on "off hours" but the scheduled game times won't do Alrik much good. Actually, there's a 3rd complication is related to time zones. With 4 US regulars and 1 Aussie, our Euro friend (Peter) gets screwed on the session time. I believe Peter starts at 1am and plays until 5-6am. I run 7pm-midnight on Fridays, which works out to something like 10am-3pm Saturday for Corwin over in kangarooland.

Not to mention that Alrik's apparently an anti-social bastard like me.

We were actually hoping, given the influx of new guild members, that there'd be enough people to start up another session, preferably a "Team Euro" that would play at times more appropriate to those time zones. Doesn't look like that's panning out terribly well, but we are still able to offer some help to guild members with loot and guildship amenities, even if we don't get to run with them regularly.
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