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December 22nd, 2011, 11:03
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Seems pretty fair for world PVP. For instanced PVP I'd still prefer that things be segregated by level range, though that could balance out the individual levels within the range a great deal.
I prefer they don't introduce tier structures, for several reasons. Well, I DO want them to eventually introduce 2 tiers: 1-49 and 50.

But if you have too many tiers, you separate the community - and it won't be long until the queue times are WAY too long for the lower levels. Beyond that, you tend to get tiered gear - which actually does the reverse of what you'd think. You make people upgrade way too often, which diminishes the impact of getting new stuff.

WoW totally ruined the gear progression sensation by making a zillion tiers and a ton of brackets. Meaning that every piece of gear you get is something you KNOW you will exchange VERY soon. So you never get the attachment required for a decent sensation.

Sprinkling toys like snowflakes is not a wise design - and that's something Blizzard brought upon themselves by not thinking clearly.

Bioware has done the right think here, I feel. By staying away from cross-server technology and the like. It means that when you see a name in combat, it MEANS something. It's the right thing for the community.

I can only hope they stick to their guns and keep most of the Bolster/non-tiered system intact. But, unfortunately, it's all too common to let the whining short-term oriented playerbase guide your direction.

Blizzard took the instant gratification route - and SWtOR emulates it close enough to make me worry.




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