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December 22nd, 2011, 10:43
I'm a nitpicker, no doubt, but many of my issues with the LotR movies are NOT nitpicks.

Jackson literally changed the most fundamental aspect of the Faramir character - which is especially unfortunate, as it was the character Tolkien most identified with - at least in terms of what he aspired to be.

Beyond that, he turned aspects of multiple characters into slapstick material for cheap laughs. Some of that was done with warmth and care, but too much of it was just silly and totally counterproductive to what he was trying to do otherwise.

I know Jackson is fond of not taking things seriously, but he was obviously confused making those movies - because that majority of them are dead serious - much like the material is meant to be (no, not in a stonefaced dreary way - but from the soul). If you're going to respect the work as much as they were trying to do, then it's doubly unfortunate when you go counter to that because you want a giggle from the audience.

But I agree that they represent almost a miracle when you consider the Hollywood system - but that doesn't mean they didn't have serious flaws that are worth discussing.
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