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December 22nd, 2011, 14:00
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
I enjoyed HR quite a bit. The only thing that really bothered me about DE:HR was the claustrophobic level-design. Not linear necessarily, just way too cramped, similar to Invisible War. It was generally pretty obvious where the alternative paths were going to be (sometimes blatantly so), and the claustrophobic nature of the levels limited creativity and hampered exploration, two of the biggest strengths of Deus Ex. This is unfortunate because the developers did so much that was absolutely wonderful with the gameplay and atmosphere, yet the level design holds back the "complete package" from being truly great.
I find you usually have a very sensible position that one can easily appreciate, if not always agree with.

But claustrophobic levels similar to Invisible War?

Some of the levels were HUGE with a lot of LARGE open spaces/warehouses/corporate buildings and what not.

I agree that alternate paths weren't exactly hidden, but I consider them very much on par with DE.

Like the Liberty Island "look at that huge stack of conveniently placed shiny boxes on each step of the way to the top", or the boy on the second level who immediately gives you the super secret clue to the vending machine access.

I don't know why people tend to confuse large empty spaces with non-linearity - but I guess we must have different recollections of Deus Ex. I replayed a fair bit of it recently, and it's pretty much the same thing - except everything is very dark and very sparsely detailed compared to the prequel.




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