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December 22nd, 2011, 15:12
@Corwin : Sorry, but I still don't have Skype installed on my "gaming PC".
Right now, I'm just fine with the built-in chat.

Musings from the last night : To put it theatralically, there formed a tiny Club of Adventurers - the Klubbir Club of Adventurers, so to say. Consisting of me and Klubbir.

Until last nicht I couldn't make up what this name could mean - until I came to the other meaning of the word "club". ( @dte : Why not use "Maullir" as the next character name for a barbarian ? )

The only translation for "Klubbir" I had available was "to go clubbing". In the meaning of "visiting a club".

We had a nice little questing - Kobold Assault (yay !) and The Lair Of Summoning. And I noticed that he actually isn't as "anti-social" as he always poses to be.

He suggested calling me "Corwin", too, because he said that Corwin always has a full inventory as well.
My full inventory (I got rid of a few items after our questing) is in part due to my habit to carr additional items with me which contain different effects. Like a belt of tools, so to say.
I used this when we came across a place in The Lair Of Summoning (or was it a Chamber ?) where we could notice that there seemed be something - like a hidden door or so - but couldn't find it. My character put his +int and +wis items on, even the one with the spell "wisdom of the owl" included - but in the end it didn't work out. I'll be increasing my int next time I level up !
Well, this is an example of how I use my inventory as a kind of "extended tools belt".
And because of that, it is of course always nearly full.

We beat the Kobold Assault on normal, with 2 hirelings and a summond Wolf, whoch sadly died during the assault. Closer to the end of the assault I summoned a second one which stayed for me, then, until I left the quest.

A last note on the Summoning Chamber/Lair : I know from an earlier play that when you defeat the end boss, then there are still few mephits waiting at or even behind the stairs which you'll have to cross in order to get to the end boss. I say this because dte (aka Klubbir) seemed not to know it (or was in a hurry). Defeating them could give additional experience points, I assume.

During this quest my hero/character died because he war running too fast too much forward - and was slain by 2 "optional" elementals. He had to give up and re-enter the quest.
In the battle against the end boss both hirelings died, too, but in the end we made it ! - My hero barely, because of his death he had lost all resistances he had gained through the Guild Ship's shrines.
And of course - stupid me ! - I found a flask of resistance (spelling ?) in my inventory AFTER the battle against the end boss !

All in all, it was fun, after all.
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