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December 22nd, 2011, 18:36
The Ranger summoning spells are rather weak. This is because they are using the Druid's summoning spells, but get them at such a late level. Rangers' first summons comes in at a time when others are getting their second, and it only gets worse as you get further in. I never bothered even loading the summons myself on Fireflash's Ranger life.

Resist Energy is definitely the best spell a Ranger gets. As a handy note, when you first cast it, you get a menu of choices to select. You can drag each of those choices to individual hotbar slots. You can do this with any spell that gives a list, and even the rare items with multiple effects like the Staff of Arcane Power.

Barkskin gives up to +5 AC that stacks with most other sources. If you raid later on, you'll actually have the rare AC builds asking you for that spell specifically. However, AC gets to be requiring a very high number and some hefty gear to reach usable levels later on, particularly past Gianthold. IIRC Gianthold requires something like 55AC to be unhittable, 65 around the Vale, and you need around 80-90 for Shavarath.

Buffed up, Fireflash could hit about 52AC. It had no effect out in Shavarath, I was still hit just as much as Aerii with 10 AC, and only caused a miss half the time in Vale. The main advantage was Damage Reduction, due to using a raid shield. Granted, I could probably have hit 60 with a Paladin aura specced out for AC, and a Bard, but that's not always feasible.

Now if I'd had a +1 dodge item, a +3 dodge item, a +4 dodge item, a +4 insight item, Combat Expertise (+5AC), the alchemical item buffs (+2 from stone of change), a +5 Protection, and the Bard and Pally buffs, I'd been right close to the sweet spot for Shavarath quests. I doubt I could have tanked out there, but then I had a Ranger, not a DoS/SD build. And no tanking gear.

Yes, Dodge bonuses of different quantities stack. Building for AC in DDO requires a metric ton of gear, or being a Monk. Monks can get by with less gear as they get such high bonuses to AC anyway, including centered bonuses, WIS bonuses, and full DEX bonuses. Mine had something like 35, with no gear whatsoever.
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