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December 23rd, 2011, 04:35
Welcome Morduun.

WOW, I read the wiki on Starflight - what a story and what an ending. Sorta wish I hadn't done it but I don't think I would have ever gotten around to playing the game. Over at the Octopus Overlords web site, there is a thread there called "What one game would you like to see remade", and Starflight got a lot of votes.

Poor Might & Magic IV. It was my number one for a long time then it got bumped by Gothic 2 and then got bumped by Skyrim. Still, a great game and I wish more games would incorporate flying as and end game feature. My former number one Wizardry can't make the list-it just to cumbersome for this modern day gamer (in that game if you died you had to create a party to get your dead characters)

And Betryal at Krondor - the one feature I wish Skyrim would have incorporated into the game was my Bards ability to play in Taverns. They sorta did it in Two Worlds 2 although for some reason the developers felt they had to turn it into a mini game. But BAK had you playing in Taverns and when you start off your musical career you are total crap - that was wonderful.

As you can see you are not alone in you game love for U9. The scene that got it for me was a nite time scene by some whimsical cottages. There were glow bugs, shinny plants and lighted windows - just blew me away.

anyways - keep posting
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