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December 23rd, 2011, 10:01
Musings on the last night (local time) :

- We did quite a lot of quests together
- in one early quest in Kundarak I did a corwin - went too fast too far ahead and became grilled by electric charges from a trap - the rest of the group (I remember Fireflash and Brialle) had to drag me through it, until I could revive myself (and my hireling, too)
- in the Forgotten Caverns I could only notice how fast everyone was - they did the quest so much different than I was used to (always having to be cautious of traps & enemies)
- in the later quests, everyone was fast, too
- using a guest pass, we did The Sharn Syndicate thereafter. That was fun. But fast.
- the moment that burned into my memorsy most was the trap firing - and after a brief flash of light there were I think 4 or more soul-stones hanging in the air. Wow.
- in the second attempt to that, the real Corwin decided to be cautious and stay behind. Understandable, I found.
- I wanted to leave at one point, because I decided that I'd need some sleep - I want to visit a friend in a hospital today, and i have to drive a bit towards it - sorry

And off.
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