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December 23rd, 2011, 11:28
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
One of the first things I'm noticing is that the game does not run smoothly on my system at all. I'm still figuring out if this is the result of high system requirements, or from the lag of a heavily populated server.
If you're talking about frames per second, then I doubt it has to do with population. The starter areas are crammed pretty much regardless, at this point. It doesn't seem to affect FPS much - though, strangely enough, PvP is very affected by multiple participants. I guess it's because of the combat animations and intricate particle effects going on.

But the game is kinda sluggish for how it looks. It runs smoothly on my rig pretty much everywhere - but I'd be very disappointed if it didn't. Even so, there are slowdowns during PvP matches and sometimes on the Republic Fleet. The game just doesn't look good enough to justify it, so I'm hoping for some eventual improvements.




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