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December 23rd, 2011, 19:47
Dajjer, I don't think anyone should feel bad about reading the wiki on Starflight; trying to play that game on the PC now all those hours at 320x240 with only cyan, magenta and white as your friends is almost certainly beyond me, too (yeah, I know there's a Genesis version for emus but you know how it goes when it's not 'your' version). That said I would LOVE to see a real spiritual successor with modern interface sensibilities and a graphical update. SC2 came close, and I love that game too, but I'm not really sure it quite qualifies as an RPG in the strictest sense.

And Gothic's right about the graphics on BAK; it's weird but they really do 'go good' if you play for long enough. Hard to explain; maybe Dajjer's right about the art in a sense. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to completely agree with the Seurat observation (though it is an interesting one), but the fact that the art's been consistently directed (ignore the wigs please) contributes a lot.

Anachronox! Completely forgot that one, thanks Adam. Definitely deserves a spot on the honorable mention list. Really wanted a sequel there too or one more bugfix. Just one!
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