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December 23rd, 2011, 23:26
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
This effectively means that there's ALWAYS a reason to upgrade your gear, and it means that - beyond not having high level abilities - everyone is on a level playing field.
Ohmyfuckinggod! That could mean, together with your comments about open world PvP, that they might manage to pull of some large-scale, DAoC-like, Realm vs. Realm kind of thing. Right? Well probably not.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
The game just doesn't look good enough to justify it, so I'm hoping for some eventual improvements.
Interesting comment, because I've often wondered about the "this looks good" vs. "this takes a lot of GPU power" thing. Something that you think does not look good might well be very heavy on the hardware. Is it lack of creative design? Bad engine? Unoptimized mess? I think many people misjudge the strains on hardware based on what they see. That is, your mind does not work with polygon counts and shader complexity, but rather some sort of undefined wow-factor.

Which possible means that designers could use hardware more efficiently to create things people actually go "woaah! that's cool" over. (I mean, this could be done on PSX, mostly by Square Enix…)


Okay, so I'm officially interested in this game. I want to know about font sizes now. WoW is very, VERY good with addons and its UI. It's probably the most moddable UI ever created for a game. But how does TOR play on LCD TVs? Too small fonts kill games for me. Is it configurable? Is the biggest font size big enough, or can you mod the UI at all?

Yes, I play exclusively on the livingroom TV.
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