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December 26th, 2011, 06:49
Originally Posted by JagreenLern View Post
Don't be silly Crispy. If the Codex is dead then we just take over this place.
The only logical steps. Like barbarians running from the huns overruning the Roman Empire, so we must overrun the RPGWatch.

Can we get our hackboys to take Administratorial Control and ban the other mods and admins? From there, it would be only a matter of importing the graphix and organizing donations, and the Codex would be born again.

Originally Posted by Flying Spaghetti Monster View Post
Mommy? Where are we?

Yeah, and this fucks up the EU3 multiplayer. Oh well, I'm a shitty organizer anyway.
We could make it here if the Codex doesn't return. Does this place even has a decent strategy forum? We could make it so Codex-only, or allow up total acess.
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